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Elaboración de un modelo metodológico, curricular y organizativo de AICLE y establecimiento de criterios comunes en la ANL para conseguir como finalidad que la documentación y los materiales realizados mejore la práctica docente del profesorado participante en el grupo, y conseguir que esta documentos se incluyan en el proyecto educativo del centro.

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Spanish Constitution - Economy

Debate about Article 130 - Spanish Constitution

1. The public authorities shall attend to the modernisation and development of all economic sectors and, in particular, those of agriculture,livestock, raising, fishing and handcrafts,in order to bring the standard of living of all Spaniards up to the same level.

2. With the same objective in view, special treatment shall be given to mountainous areas.

Math words

Let's take a look at some basic math terms:

Plus or Add (+)

Two plus two is four. (2+2=4)
Five add five is ten. (5+5=10)

Minus, Subtract or Take Away (-)

Six minus two is four (6-2=4)
Ten subtract five is five (10-5=5) Nine take away eight is one (9-8=1)
Eight take away three is five (8-3=5)

Percent (%)

Twenty-five percent of eight is two.
The unemployment rate in the USA is six percent.

Decimal Point (.)

A number less than one that is written as one or more numbers after a decimal point:

Times or Multiply (x)

Three times three is nine (3x3=9)
Multiply five by five.
Four multiplied by two is eight (4x2=8)

Divide (÷)

Divide 8 by 2.
Ten divided by two is five (10÷2=5)

Equals or Is (=)

Five plus five equals ten (5+5=10)
Three times three is nine (3x3=9)

Moon Constitution

How would a future lunar community be organised? It Will be my input for the celebration of the constitutional day in Spain in my biology classes.

Pupils Will debate some organisational and social characteristics of a future settlement on the Moon. They Will related It to their local community. 

The students Will be guided through the activity using a set of debate questions, to which the students can respond with their opinions on wether they agree or not using a smiley or sad card.

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Foto de Inmaculada Almagro Moreno

Inmaculada Almagro Moreno

Foto de Julia Fernández Velázquez

Julia Fernández Velázquez

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Juan Antonio Andrades Baro

Foto de José Antonio Fernández Fontanilla

José Antonio Fernández Fontanilla

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Begoña Fuentes Gallego

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Manuel de los Pinos Santos

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Eduardo Tovar García

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María Pilar Donadeo Santos

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Ismael Macías Fernández