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El grupo está formado por tutores de Infantil y primaria, y especialistas en inglés y francés. Además la coordinadora, al ser embajadora eTwinning proporcionará la formación necesaria al resto del grupo. Este grupo eTwinning pretende involucrar al centro en un proyecto colaborativo para promover y facilitar el contacto, el intercambio de ideas y el trabajo en colaboración entre profesorado y alumnado de los países que participan en eTwinning, a través de las TIC

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Nuevo proyecto

Os paso los datos de un proyecto que os puede interesar (en inglés)

The best way to use your day!

The New Coronavirus led to the closure of schools, forcing children and their families to stay at home.
Many students thought of new ways to spend the time: they created games, idealized activities and reinvented old games in the spaces of their homes.
Sharing these activities among European students will allow us to keep a positive memory of this time of social isolation.



1. Know the European countries and their location
2. Involve the family in the activities developed
3. Use digital tools to communicate and work with other members
4. Improve their ICT practices
5. Develop collaboration
6. Know games and activities developed by other students
7. Compare activities
8. Make friends in other countries
9. Educate children to be curious about other languages


- Plan the project and find European partners
- Teachers and students introduce themselves
- Share activities already developed
- Design a project logo and vote for the best

- Compare activities and games
- Suggest activities and games to students related to spring, Easter¿
- Take ideas from European partners and apply them in our country
- Share on TwinSpace pictures and drawings

- Create a collaborative e-book with different activities and games
- Create a padlet with pictures of student's activities - cooperation and collaboration
- Create a dashboard with observations about the project and goodbyes
- Evaluate the project through some questions - Google forms


By the end of the project, students are expected to be able to locate some European countries and learn from European students.
Increase motivation to communicate by using modern language.
Create a collaborative e-book with all the pictures/drawings taken for the project by everyone.
Say goodbye to other students and leave an observation about what they learn and about the project.

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